Lake District Calendar 2020


Featuring 12 stunning, seasonal images from the Lake District, this A3 wall calendar is printed on high quality A3 silk art paper with a laminated front and rear.

Available on a pre-order basis only!

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Featuring 12 popular seasonal images from around the Lake District, the annual calendar release has become a popular feature among Alex Wrigley Photography’s followers.

Since the first release back in 2014, it’s been shipped across four continents (that I know of), including Australia, New Zealand, United States and even Uganda!

For the first time, this year’s calendar will be in portrait orientation to showcase¬† I’ll be releasing a portrait oriented calendar to showcase some of my most popular images from the past couple of years.

As always, the A3 calendars will be printed by the fantastic Johnsons of Nantwich on high quality 160gms silk art paper with the front and back covers on 350gms laminated paper.

You can find a small selection of included images below.

NOTE – In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, this year’s calendars WILL NOT be shipped in the usual cellophane wrapper.


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